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Are you tired of the old smilies and desperately want new smilies? Well, no matter how common smilies may be or how fed-up you may be of seeing them; these little people somehow manage to make a way for themselves.

They are very popular and they show no sign of going away anywhere, at least not so soon! Let us now look at why and how these smilies became so popular.

The smiley was invented about 25 years ago by a few internet enthusiasts. The main aim of smilies was to get the meaning of the written message across more effectively. Most of the time, it became very difficult to understand the tone of a sarcastic message, sometimes these messages were taken to be serious where as they were meant in jest or the other way around. With smilies it became very easy to get the message across.

With the help of these smilies it became very easy to express the emotion behind the words, these little smilies were a hit right from the start and soon the new smilie culture took full force, the internet world was soon flooded with frowning icons, and other emotional icons that were called emoticons.

It is true that some people cannot stand the smilie icon, they find it silly and irritating, but love it or hate it you cannot ignore their presence. The smilies have been growing at a massive pace and the answer to the reason of this growth is technology.

In the 1990s the smilies were on the verge of a decline, it was then that the 3D smilie was developed. This 3D smilie took the market by storm. These 3D animation smilies were a relief from the earlier ones that could do nothing better than smile, wink or frown at us, with these new generation 3D smilies users were provided with smilies that could perform a host of activities such as singing, dancing, walking and even smoking a cigar!

The best part of these new improved and 3D smilies was that they were extremely easy to use, you could introduce these smilies in the message at the click of a mouse, almost all the messengers have hundreds of smilies with different emotions, this was a much simpler process rather than making a smilie by remembering the exact order of the characters.

Along with the fact that emoticons help us to be understood clearly, they are certainly very cute and add the cuteness quotient to our message, and after all it is so easy to use that we cant help but use them, too often may be!

Whether you like the new smilies or hate them, one thing is for sure that there is more to come. And who knows what is in store in the near future, with the advance in technology you might have new smilies that are capable of performing an even wider range of activities.